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Calendar Girls in Christchurch

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Address: 103 Armagh Street in the City of Christchurch, OtherCountry, NZPhone: 64-27-447-5748
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Calendar Girls

Calendar Girls Christchurch

Calendar Girls New Zealand

Full Nude StripTease and Lap Dances.

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If your idea of a good time includes being physically and verbally abused by both bar staff and security then visit Calendar Girls Christchurch as I guarantee it will not disappoint. I experienced the worst treatment ever in the Calendar Girls Strip Club last week. When you visit this place you are slapped with a $25 dollar entry fee. Once inside you buy your drinks using legal tender and receive change that is equivalent to monopoly money. Which I don't even think is legal (i.e. following the review there will be a commerce enquiry on my behalf). After purchasing one drink at the bar we were then cut off by a bar maid who only after taking our money then refused to allow us to drink our drinks, saying we were too intoxicated. I realize you don't have to be too clever to work behind a bar, but two threes are obviously six and you would think that she would have the intelligence to refuse service before taking a patrons money and then later refusing to refund their money. The caliber of people working in this establishment is obviously fairly low rent and too top of a great night of being ripped off we were then escorted from the premises for arguing a valid point i.e. if you don't intend to allow people to drink alcohol which they have purchased, don't issue them with it in the first place. Sounds simple but obviously far to complex for those employed at Calendar Girls bar and nightclub. I am glad they are recruiting dancers there and bar broads because it they were trying to recruit anyone with the faintest of intelligence there would some serious repercussions. Intellect certainly does seem to be amiss in this establishment. After some argument an abusive and vile bouncer referred to my girlfriend and myself as a string of impressive names and continued to insult and physically assault my boyfriend as well, which leads one to question the mental stability of the staff employed here.

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By claudia on 6/26/2012 3:50:38 PM

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