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Pole Dance Training

Excellent Form, perfect posture. Girls working hard on the pole !

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Stripper Little Caprice (Pictures)

Little Caprice has perfectly perky tiny tits, sexy feet, long legs, and eyes that will seduce you with a glance.

Download All Her Pictures

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The Look of Love

British comedian Steve Coogan stars as the man who turned London's Soho neighborhood into a byword for strip clubs and sex throughout the swinging sixties in "The Look of Love". Paul Raymond

After opening the UK's first strip club, Paul Raymond became very wealthy, buying property on a scale that got him dubbed "King of Soho", and launching Paul Raymond Publications with the soft-porn magazine Men Only, soon ...

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Ariel and Sweet Cat Lesbian Strippers (10 Pictures)

The lust you see between them is real, so get ready for one hot show !

See More ...

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No More EBT Cards at Strip Clubs

Lawmakers in Florida are now stopping us slackers from milking the goverment. A new law will prevent EBT cards (Electronic Benefit Transfer Cards) from being used at stablishments like Strip Clubs, Casinos, Bingos and Bars.

In reality is a good measure but it would be smarter just to cancel the EBT's from folks who use it !

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Lexi Belle at Club Alex (15 Pictures)

XXX Star Lexi Belle will be performing at Club Alex's in Stoughton, MA Feb 21-23 ! Here's some pictures for you to enjoy !


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Happy Valentine With Bailey (12)


Baily Ryder is a fitness instructor turned stripper from the Czech Republic. Today she's in Red for Valentine's Day and she strips naked !

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Diablo Cody Co-Chairs the Athena Film Festival

Onetime stripper turned blogger turned screenwriter Diablo Cody served as co-chair of the Athena Film Festival.

Vulture interviewed Diablo and asked about the recent success of Magic Mike, her answer :

"Nobody wants to talk about this but me! Nobody's asked me this before. I find it very interesting that a man can be a stripper, talk about it openly, go on SNL and parody it in several sketches, and nobody accuses him of leveraging his sexuality to get ahead. They applaud it. And he did make a quality film, and it obviously did really well, and it had a certain pedigree — it wasn't trashy — but I do not think a woman would be treated the same way. I'm living proof of that. A woman's sexuality is dangerous and threatening and dirty, and for Channing, it's a charming tool in his arsenal. And I love Magic Mike. I love Channing. This is in no way a diss on him."

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Male Strippers Insure Their Manhoods

A group of male strippers (Dreamboys in the UK) have been forced to insure their manhoods for millions after an incident last year when a member of the crowd broke through security guards and grabbed the penis of one of the Dancers.

Since the attack the troupe have added their prized assets to their public liability insurance – making their bodies worth a collective £96 million. (about 150 Million US Dollars).

You just heard a scream and ...

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