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Russian Pole Dancing Championship

Russian Pole Dancing Championship

Russian Pole Dancing Championship
Russian Pole Dancing Championship

This past weeked the Pole Dance Federation of Russian had it's pole dancing competition at the Deja Vu in Moscow.  Pole dancers from all

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Pole Dancers Fight

Pole Dancers Fight

What some people find funny, others just don't, specially if you are the one taking the hit :) Hey, no pain no gain.

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Sexy Games

Sexy Games Or Games with Naked People ! Leisure Suite Larry It's been years since I last played Leisure Suite Larry (too long actually), on a PC back in high school. Being the geek person that I am, it was fun even with the lack of explicit action and the bad graphics.  So the other day someone asked me if there were any "Strip Club" related games out there, and started to look for what's new out there, man I'm definitely outdated.. First off, Leisure Suite Larry is still around. With much better graphics, but the game seems to be the same bad one as before.   Now there are several new games out there that are really explicit (thanks to our japanese friends), like Amorous Professor Cherry These games look more like hetai movies but i'm sure there is some plot somewhere.  After searching (and searching) finally found a great link that summarizes all the games that have "nudity" in them. Full List of Games with Nudity Some are just plain dumb, like the Guy Game, where you answ ...

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NYC Subway Installs Stripper Poles on all lines !

NYC Subway Installs Stripper Poles on all lines

New York City Subway Stripper Poles

Ladies, start using them !! 

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Happy Easter From The Strip Club Search

Do something fun with the Rabbit !

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Virtual Stripper of the Week Jenna

Virtual Stripper of the Week Jenna

Jenna Stripper of the Week
Jenna Sweet

Origins: Charleroi / Belgium - Age: 21
Height: 5.42 - Weight: 104 - Vital Statistics: 34/23/33

Jenna is like a deliciously delicate dessert from Belgium. The kind that is so pretty to look at, it takes you a minute before you are ready to dig-in and taste it for the first time. Long legs and lanky arms may make you think she moves awkwardly, but once you see her dancing you’ll find out just how fluid her body can be. She’s oh sooooo sweet!

Jenna Sweet
Jenna Sweet - Look at thos eyes

Jenna Sweet
Jenna Sweet

Jenna Sweet
Jenna Sweet

Download her show right now !!  You won't regret it. 


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How to Pack like a Stripper

How to Pack like a Stripper

Could not embedd the video but look for it here !

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Virtual Stripper of the Week Axelle

Axelle Parker
Axelle Parker

Origins: Antibes / France - Age: 18 eight: 5.5 - Weight: 110 - Vital Statistics:

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Exotic Dancers For Charity (EDC) will hold it's six annual Event

EDC has held an annual event where dancers strip to raise money in memory of a former dancer who died of breast cancer. In 2006

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