Bazookas Kansas City

Since 1972, Bazooka's has featured totally nude dancers in a juice bar setting. That ended in 2010 with a Missouri law that prohibits nudity in a sexually-oriented businesses. Now the club has found a new way to give people totally nude that owner Dick Snow says is in full compliance with the law.

It's called B-TV, like M-TV, with the B for Bazooka's, and the music videos involve strip-tease routines that end in the buff. While the audience watches a semi-nude dancer live on stage, they'll be watching the same dancer, fully nude, on the TV screen.

"The law motivated us to do this," Snow said of the new program, "but it might have happened anyway because they add to the entertainment value and we're always looking for innovative approaches."

It is still a solution we don't like, please let dancers do their thing, but we support Bazooka in their effort to comply with the law !