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We recently had a chance to talk with Diana Lozano, founder and director of Circ X and got her to answer a couple of questions about this burlesque, interactive and provocative show.

TSCS: Diana, How Did Circ X come about?  

Diana Lozano: I have always been fascinated by the intense visceral energy of nightclub performances. As a formally trained actor, director and clown, I thought what would happen if you took the same raw energy and harnessed it, combining it with dedication and work ethic of a conservatory trained professional. The result would be something truly unique and explosive.  Recently having graduated from CalArts, where I received my Masters in Performance Art, Design and Technology, I found myself working in the same environment I was in when I left for Graduate school. I was the light Tech at a local club. Lighting countless go-go dancers and other frivolous ‘talent’ I became frustrated and depressed. It was a waste of perfectly good performance space. Here you have a spotlight, all eyes are on you, and all you can do is wiggle in a Bikini.   Sensing my discontent, Shannon Miller, the owner of Swig, the club I was working at, gave me the opportunity to produce a show.  I solicited the talent of founding member Natasha Tsakos, and other ex-classmates, and we developed our first production.  From then on were performing on a weekly basis.  It quickly snowballed into corporate events, national tours, over seas residencies and we even performed at the Super Bowl with Cirque du Soleil.    

What is Interactive Entertainment? 

DL: We break the forth wall, grab you by your shirt collar and drag you into our reality. Circ X is not an experience were you can simply sit back and watch passively. There are no spectators; we will fully engage you both physically and metaphysically.  With Circ X, you will never know what to expect. You may be sitting having an intimate conversation and suddenly one of our ‘creatures’ will leap on to your table, or crawl out from under your seat. The idea is to throw you of balance for a second, allow you the opportunity to laugh and not take yourself so seriously.  

Circ X

We just love the word Decadent, what makes your show a Decadent show? 

DL: Decadence, within the nightlife context, can be defined as; moral degeneration or excessive self-indulgence. For our purposes it has often been used to describe one facet of our performance.  Our lavish costumes, in your face approach and outrageous antics, often lend themselves to be described as Decadent, however there are many other adjectives that better encompass our overall aesthetic.  Provocative would be a more accurate description of performance.     As a burlesque company, we mock and ridicule conventional mores.  Unfortunately now days, people seem to identify burlesque with a striptease performer undulating in an oversize martini glass.  By Definition, Burlesque is a humorous theatrical entertainment involving parody and sometimes-grotesque exaggeration.  This is a perfect description of our shows.  We do use sex, but only as a vehicle. The goal is to pierce through your mind and soul, and if it takes going through your loins first, then by any means necessary. However, our shows are not and never will be focused on base physical arousal.    

Tell us about Scarlett’s, what will the audience expect? 

Dl: They can expect, one part circus, two parts burlesque, a pinch of class and a dash of trash. They will be beautifully bizarre interactive entertainment, theatrical circus artistry and subversive parodies ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime.   

Circ X Performance

Are all the artist Florida locals? 

DL: I work primarily with south Florida’s most innovative performance artists, dancers and overall visionaries.  However, when I have larger contracts I reach out to my circle of national talent from California to New York.   

Explain a bit about the “other” services your company provides? Can someone hire you for a party? 

DL: Mostly we are hired for our signature brand of interactive entertainment, which can range from lavishly costumed light up characters, to acrobatic roving creatures. In addition, we are also booked for all the circus type skill acts including aerial, stilt acrobatics and fire to name only a few.  In the past we have been commissioned to create theatrical full length production for the Adrianne Archt Center for the Performing Arts as well as product launches and national marketing tours for a wide variety of Brands and corporations. Recently we just finished a year long residency contract for our weekly changing Cabaret show, featured on the Travel Channel.    We get hired for parties all the time. There have been days where we perform for a toddlers birthday party during the day, a sweet sixteen in the early evening and then head off to perform at a Fetish Event till the wee hours. Since we are classically trained actors, it’s simple for us to calibrate our approach to entertain any audience. 

Circ X Actor

Is South Florida a good place to be artistically creative? 

DL: Funding aside, I believe anyplace is a good place to be creative. As long as there is an audience there can be an artistic expression and exchange. The streets are favorite stage. In fact most of our training and foundation with Circ X is based on street theater and clowning.  I am often asked if I prefer a theater audience to nightclub audience. Nothing to compares to the joy I get when I breakthrough to someone who has never been exposed to this sort of expression.  Whether it’s working in an inner city school or a stripclub, seeings someones face light up as if they have been awaken is the ultimate stisfaction.    Unfortunately, government funding for the arts has been on a scary decline, both locally and nationally.  That is why I chose to create a for profit company that caters to providing entertainment.

Circ X on the Travel Channel

Check out their website at: or and don't miss the show at Scarletts Cabaret on Friday October 2nd and Thursday October 8.