Eternity Strip Club On Second Life

Eternity Strip Club at Second Life
Exotic Dancers Kat and Ella at Eternity Strip Club

For those of you that don't know Second Life, it's a "virtual world" that allows people to interact with each other in real time.  People can buy, sell things, build relationships, and practically do everything that you can (or can't do) on real life. I've heard of people actually getting married first on Second Life and then in real life .

We got a hold of Koni, founder and virtual manager of the Eternity club in second life to answer some questions about it:

Q: Can you tell us what is second life?

A: Second Life(SL) is an online, virtual world. All content is created by residents(people who play the game) of SL; clothing, hair, skins, body shapes, buildings furniture, etc are all designed and created by someone within SL. Anything you can imagine exists in SL. If it doesn't exist, you could create it yourself! People from all around the world are in SL. It's an amazing tool for education, self exploration and socializing. Eternity is in the adult entertainment realm of Second Life, not all of Second Life is adult rated, but Second Life is an adult only virtual world. In order to visit Eternity, and any other adult rated content within SL, you must verfy yourself as an adult. You can do this buy putting a payment method on file(Either register for a premium membership, or just put it on file, putting a method on file is a one time fee of $1), such as a credit card, or fill out the age verification form located on the SL website(This method is free).

The currency used in SL is called the Linden Dollar. The value of the Linden varies, much like the value of the USD does. On average 270L = $1US.

Q: What do we need to install/visit to play this game?

A: In order to enter SL you must go to, create an account and download the viewer client(This is free to do). Account names are a first name, chosen by you, and a last name, which can be picked from a provided list of names. My account name, for instance, is Koni Rubble.

Q: How did you create this club? do you get many "visitors" ?

A: Well, this is kind of hard to explain to people who don't understand exactly how SL works. First to build the club, I needed some land to build it on. Once land was obtained I began creating prims.(The building blocks of, almost, everything you see within SL) I put the prims together and textured them. I guess, much like how you would build something in real life... just virtual?

Our group, in world, is over 1200 people. Not everyone who visits the club joins the group. (There is a 25 group limit, so you can't join all the groups you would always like to) We have a pretty steady flow of people coming and going throughout the day. Eternity is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have dancers and escorts from all around the world, mostly in the US, but we do have some in Canada, the UK and Australia as well. Our customers come to us from all around the globe, as well, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Australia, Mexico, and the list could go on and on!

Q: What kind of club is it? (full nude, topless, patsies)

A: It is a full nude club. We also provide escort services. We have a fully equipped sex room for these services to be given in. (Yes, this is completely legal.) Escort services can be provided as text sex only, text sex with use of sex furniture, or on voice. Every girl's services and prices vary.

Q: Are the rules different on this clubs that on regular clubs?

A: I guess, the main difference would be that there is no cover charge to enter and clothing is removed based on the amount of tips paid to the girl. Topless is 200L(Linden Dollars) and nude is 500L. Clothing doesn't come off util the jar totals reach that amount. (All tips are paid through a tip jar on the stage.) Other than it being a virtual world, instead of a real life club, I don't think much is different.

Kat and Ella Dancing at the Hell Room in Eternity Strip Club
Kat and Ella Dancing at the Hell Room in Eternity Strip Club

Q: How do you become a dancer on the club?

A: To become a dancer or escort at Eternity, an application needs to be completed and given to Leilani Helendale(The club manager). We require anyone who works for us to have a very attractive, high quality avatar. Great writing skills are a must! Along with the animations and clothing removal, girls are required to give detailed descriptions of what their avatar is doing in text based chat. The ability to write in fluent, proper English is a MUST here. If an application impresses us enough, the girl is contacted to complete the hiring process. We do not hire everyone who applies, and everyone who applies is not contacted. We receive several applications a day, getting back to everyone is not possible. We only contact girls who stand out as being a great addition to our team.

Q: Are there any other jobs available?

A: At this time we are only in need of dancers, escorts and voice escorts.

Q: How much is a lap dance? Champagne Room?

A: Lap dances are 20 minutes long. Topless is 300L, nude is 600L. Lap dances are given in a private room and no sexual acts will be provided during a lap dance. If sexual favors are desired, we have escorts. Escort services start at 1500L for 30 minutes.

Q: Anything else you would like to share about the club?

A: Eternity opened in SL on December 16, 2007. The average life span for a club in SL is 3 months. We have stood the test of time for a reason. Eternity holds high standards for their dancers and escorts. Anyone who visits Eternity will not leave unsatisfied... so long as they have the money to pay for that satisfaction.   -- Amen !!! TSCS

 Pole Dancing at Eternity Strip Club in Second Life
Pole Dancing Action at Eternity Strip Club