Was Heather Graham a Stripper?

Was Heather Graham a Stripper?
Heather Graham

Heather Graham confessed on an interview that she lived like a stripper for a year !!!  Ok, ok, not a real stripper, the 39 year old actress just released the movie "The Hangover" and she plays a stripper prostitue on it, and because of it she needed to research everything about the lapdancing way of life.

"Las Vegas makes visitors say and do strange things. It could be the dry desert air. It could be the two litre glasses of icy beer or margaritas offered for sale on every street corner or in every nook and cranny in the cavernous casinos." -- Heather Graham

Can't wait to see the movie, and I can't believe she's 39, still looks like a little girl.  Kudos to heather.