Women (including strippers) can't get enough of Alabama state Sen. Shadrack McGill (R), he and his wife revealed in a series of announcements this week.

McGill's wife, Heather blasted her discomfort on facebook:

"I have been silent for long enough!! NO MORE! Multiple times since being in office he has gotten emails from women (who may not even be real) inviting him to explore, also sending pictures of themselves. NO MORE!!!" she wrote. "Shame on you! You know who you are. Next time everyone will know who you are!! For I will publicly share your name before we 'unfriend' you ...
This is the 'behind the scenes' garbage that political life brings. I will not turn a blind eye to it any longer!

Shadrack also said:

"During the campaign, we had two strippers come to my house at 1 o'clock in the morning,". McGill also said that another stripper had shown up at his place of business during the same period, claiming to have a flat tire. She left after giving his employee a business card with the name of the club where she worked.

It doesn't take more than 2 brain cells to figure out the Senator likes the "bad" life. And the wife is lead to believe it's the "other" womens fault ! Yeah Right.