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Octomom Hit With Lawsuit

It seems Octomom (Nadya Suleman) had second doubts about her stripping gig, and now she's facing a lawsuit by T's Lounge for break of contract.

The financially troubled mom has a solo porn video in the works and it seemed for a second that a stripping gig would make her some extra bucks, but in the end got cold feet.

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Woman Files 47 Lawsuits Against Strip Clubs Tom Hanks Adam Sandler and More

Stacy C. Harris has filed 47 lawsuits in Orange County since May 2011. Some of them include claims against adult shops and strip clubs, here some a summary of the best ones:

  • She wants $9,000 from the exotic dance club Ecstasy for "permitting the viewing of female dancers, fully nude"
  • She needs $11,000 from Funkypair (Adult Shop) in Westminster because the store "contains female shoes for cross-dressing males."
  • She's asking for $2 million from Adam Sandler because she ...


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Legal Win For Proposed Strip Club

A local judge has overturned a decision made earlier this year by the Athens Board of Zoning Appeals that blocked the opening of a club featuring nude dancing in Athens.

What's interesting is the judge's explanation of the case:

"From Biblical ...

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Man sues Hustler Club for $28K bar tab

Man sues Hustler Club for $28K bar tab

Hustler Club

The suit said the Hustler Club wrongfully charged $28,109.60 to his credit card, “a sum far in excess of any reasonable costs for said alcoholic beverages."

Even if he had $300 private dances that would mean 93 of them ! Anyhow, during these times of economic hardship is good to know people still have credit cards with over 30K in credit .


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Illegally Strip-Searched Strippers

Illegally Strip-Searched Strippers

Strip Searched

The city of Daytona Beach lost a lawsuit presented by 4 strippers that were illegally strip-searched ! In 2009 undercover cops raided club Biggins in Daytona Beach, and they ...

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Lawyer Sues Tootsie's Strip Club Over Rolex

Lawyer Sues Tootsie's Strip Club Over Rolex

Tootsies Cabaret

The lawyer behind the Ticket Cricket, Bret Lusskin, is suing Tootsie's Cabaret because he claims that the club lured him in for a chance to win a Rolex, but it was all a marketing scheme to get his cell phone number to send cell phone spam !

This all happened in 2009, after paying $20 in entrance fees and entering his cell phone number to enter the contest, he went to the VIP section and waited. He did not win the watch, instead he started receiving text messages on his cell (how do you stop these messages anyhow, there's no unsubscribe link on them).

Sample text:

Tootsie’s Cabaret Miami – Stop in for happy hour half price drinks and no cover until 8pm This weeks XXX feature entertainer Ginger Lee Msg&Data rates may apply

So, what's a good lawyer without a good lawsuit, he's asking $2,000 in damages for each text message sent (at around 200), that adds up to, hummm, $400,000.  Tootsies, just give him a watch or a consolation prize.

Full Lawsuit

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U.S. judge dismisses claims in strip club-taxi driver lawsuit

U.S. judge dismisses claims in strip club-taxi driver lawsuit

A federal judge has dismissed claims in a racketeering lawsuit filed by a Southern California man who accused Las Vegas strip clubs, taxi companies and limousine providers of running illegal kickback schemes. 

News Release

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Woman Sues The Mile High Club For Discrimination

Woman Sues The Mile High Club For Discrimination

The Mile High Club
The Mile High Club

What is going on in the world? A woman decides to take his husband to the Mile High Club as a reward for his hard work, and the cover charge for "ladies" was $10 more expensive than for men. (Guys were $10, Ladies $20). So she decided to sue the Mile High Club for $200K in damages !  WTF ??? 

She is also asking a judge to immediately end the strip club's practice of charging women more than men. That i can understand, but i wonder who ...

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WIPO Orders Transfer of

WIPO Orders Transfer of

WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) ordered the owener of to give up the domain name (that today redirects to to give up to domain to Vertical Leisures, owners of the trademark for Xpole.

Vertical Leisure has manufactured, marketed and distributed a dance pole kit called XPole since 2004, generating revenue in excess of $1.8 million by the beginning of 2010.

"[WIPO] finds that this offer constitutes a circumstance indicating that [Cho] registered or acquired the domain name primarily for the purpose of selling, renting, or otherwise transferring the domain name registration to [Vertical Leisure] or to a competitor ..., the mediators said. "In the panel’s view, this behavior evidences bad faith."

"The answer is that it is," mediators said. "The domain name consists, first of all, of the entirety of the trademark. The domain name is identical to complainant’s XPole trademark when the .com TLD is discounted."

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Another Case of a Flying Shoe

Another Case of a Flying Shoe

Thirty-four-year-old Jake Quagliaroli says he was sitting about 20 feet from the stage at PT's Showclub when the dancer's shoe hit him earlier this month. He says it caused "lifelong dental injuries" that will require continuing care.

Like the case of the flying shoe before it, gentlemen please be careful !  high heel stilettos are dangerous !

News Release

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